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Beg lipat poliester Rpet, menjadikan botol plastik bukan lagi sampah!

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Fabrik RPET menggunakan bahan mentah gentian mesra alam yang dikitar semula daripada botol kola, yang digulung menjadi kepingan dan diproses melalui lukisan. Ia boleh dikitar semula dan mengurangkan pelepasan karbon dioksida dengan berkesan, menjimatkan hampir 80% tenaga berbanding proses konvensional untuk menghasilkan gentian poliester.


A plastic bottle (600cc)=carbon reduction 25.2g=fuel saving 0.52cc=water saving 88.6cc

RPET makes plastic bottles no longer garbage, no longer drifting around, and truly makes them environmentally friendly and recyclable, becoming more precious treasure products. RPET recycled yarn can reduce the use of oil, and each ton of finished RPET yarn can save 6 tons of oil, making a certain contribution to reducing air pollution and controlling the greenhouse effect. RPET recycled material products have become a trend, leading the way in environmental fashion. You must keep up with this fashion trend.

The foldable bag we are going to introduce today is an RPET product. The material used for its production is recycled old water cups, which are 100% pure environmentally friendly recycled materials. About 12 water cups are used to make this large capacity, lightweight and foldable backpack.

This foldable bag made of recycled materials is packed with an environmentally friendly attitude and meticulously crafted using the special technology of recycled water cups. The workmanship is exquisite, the design is clever, the functions are rich, and the texture is very strong. Foldable and storable, can be folded and stored when not in use, compact and space saving, suitable for daily leisure or fitness outings! A slim casual backpack is worth buying for friends with a casual style or those who frequently travel outdoors.

Rpet polyester material can also be used as a multifunctional backpack to store laptops and accessories, as well as space for daily necessities, suitable for work or weekends. This bag is made of waterproof fabric both inside and outside, which has strong waterproof function. It is very suitable for friends who always forget to bring umbrellas when going out. Even if the bag contains a computer, there is no need to worry about getting wet. Easy to use, convenient and environmentally friendly, hurry up and get it! With it, you not only have a multifunctional and beneficial backpack, but also a green and healthy one, worth collecting!


Charming Packaging and other environmentally friendly products are made by recycling, cleaning, and breaking plastic water cups, then drawing different types of threads according to different product categories, weaving them into different fabrics to manufacture different products, and then printing different patterns on the products through digital printing technology to create each user-friendly, fashionable, and environmentally friendly product. Some products can also be DIY customized with patterns, Having the opportunity to come... such environmentally friendly brands can easily make people feel good about them.

Charming Packaging Company also develops different practical RPET environmental protection products, walking on the path of green environmental protection. We have been looking for partners with "sustainable fashion" attributes. Interested parties are welcome to join us as distributors of environmentally friendly products, promoting them together and making the power of environmental protection stronger.

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