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Beg boleh guna semula sebagai pelaburan yang mampan boleh meningkatkan margin keuntungan

Masa: 2023-07-25 Hits: 11

How can investing in sustainable projects increase profit margins?


Kini kami telah menetapkan apa itu pelaburan mampan dan mengapa ia penting, tetapi bolehkah ia benar-benar meningkatkan margin keuntungan dengan cara yang sebenar? Bukti mengatakan ya, dan terdapat beberapa cara wang anda akan dikembalikan kepada anda, dan kemudian beberapa cara.

The first way is through encouraging more investors, especially those who are looking to invest in sustainable businesses. When you begin funding sustainability projects and make positive, sustainable choices within your company, you can market your company to potential investors as a sustainable investment. Encourage people to invest in your business by showing them that their money will go toward a company that cares about the planet.

Secondly, setting aside a budget for sustainable practices and goals within your company can yield a return through savings. Studies show that companies that have invested in more sustainable choices in terms of daily operation saw reduced operating costs. For example, companies who have switched to more energy-efficient LED bulbs saw a bigger initial investment, since LED bulbs are more expensive than standard bulbs, but because they last longer, they can also cut bulb costs up to 75% over a 25-year period.

Finally, companies see savings through conservation of resources. As the world’s resources are depleted and abused, the price of resources will go up. By investing in projects to preserve and protect resources, you’ll be ensuring that the price of the resources does not go up and that humankind can continue to enjoy these resources for years to come.

The important thing to remember when making sustainable investments is that they’re almost always long term. You’ll need to put up quite a bit upfront, and you may not see a return for years. However, when you do, the return can be significant, and it could result in the preservation of precious resources and the life of our planet.

Reusable bags as a sustainable investment


Investing in reusable bags can be your first sustainability investment.

Investing in reusable bags can save you money in a couple of ways:

Get ahead of regulations. More and more governments are banning or taxing plastic bags. Investing in reusable bags now will allow you to avoid any plastic regulations in the future.

It saves resources. Plastic waste and greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change that depletes natural resources, many of which may be imperative to your company. By doing your part to reduce plastic waste in the environment, you will help preserve important natural resources before prices go up or they become unusable.

Lower operating costs. Rather than having to purchase hundreds, or even thousands, of single-use plastic bags that you give away for free, you can instead sell reusable bags, eliminating your single-use plastic bag budget.

Increase brand loyalty through sustainable marketing. If you invest in reusable bags through Bk-bags, you can let your customers know that your reusable bags come from ethical sources, are often made of recycled materials, and can be biodegradable or recyclable, depending on the bag type. Your customers can feel good about using reusable bags from Bk-bags, and potential customers may be convinced to support your company because of your sustainable choice of investing in reusable bags.

Sustainability investing isn’t just something that’s a nice idea; it’s an investment strategy that yields real returns, both financially and for the environment. For the survival of your company and our planet, it may behoove you to start making real changes toward sustainability to preserve customer loyalty, save essential resources, and ultimately see higher profits for your business.

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