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Beg Beyond Reusable: Produk Lain Yang Boleh Digunakan Semula untuk Custome Anda

Masa: 2023-09-01 Hits: 10

Kami telah banyak bercakap tentang kepentingan menggunakan beg boleh guna semula berbanding beg plastik, dan ada sebab untuk itu. Beg plastik sedang ditamatkan secara berperingkat di seluruh dunia kerana kesan alam sekitarnya, dan beg boleh guna semula membolehkan individu dan perniagaan mengurangkan isu ini dengan mudah. Tetapi, kita juga perlu sedar tentang cara lain kita memberi kesan kepada alam sekitar selain penggunaan beg plastik.

A big part of environmental responsibility revolves around product sourcing. For example, a backpack may be made out of materials that are extracted in an unsustainable way. If you truly care about your environmental footprint, then you must pay attention to where and how raw materials are sourced and whether your products are produced in a way that’s least impactful to the environment.

This isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you don’t have control over your supply chains, and a supplier may claim sustainable practices while taking shortcuts that negatively impact the environment. Luckily, Bk-bags offers products you can trust.

Bamboo tote bags

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As a textile, bamboo offers a soft, durable, and biodegradable material. Because bamboo grows quickly, requires little water, and needs no pesticides, it’s an incredibly sustainable crop. Bamboo forests even help to reduce erosion, minimizing the risk of landslides.

Bamboo tote bags are durable, aesthetic, and fashionable. Our tote bags are made with the utmost quality, ensuring that they can carry heavy loads. Your customers can enjoy daily use of these bags for years to come.


Each bag is built to last, delivering the same long-lasting quality as our reusable bags. Furthermore, you can customize each bag with your company logo or other design for a unique marketing opportunity. Tote bags can be a fashion statement as well as a practical shopping accessory, perfect for customers who are always on the go.

Cooler bags

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Poolside drinks

Cold lunches

Many of today’s coolers are made from styrofoam—a type of low-value plastic. Although these can be reused many times, once styrofoam coolers have reached the end of their lives, they are destined for landfills or as mismanaged waste. Styrofoam is simply not a sustainable material.

Our cooler bags offer the perfect environmental alternative. They are softer than cooler boxes, and they have handles, making them easy to carry. Furthermore, they are made from non-woven PP, which is recyclable, lightweight, and durable. The lining is made of EPE foam—another type of polypropylene.

As with many of our products, the polypropylene materials come from ethical sources, ensuring the highest standards of responsible sourcing. We also offer a variety of options, including a round-bottom cooler, an Oxford bag, and the standard cooler, so you can find the perfect cooler bags to fit your customers’ needs.

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